Glass Lip

Exitab: ‘Erudite programming joins with clouds of guitar and vocals referencing both the magisterial chorus of Cocteau Twins and more formless varieties of shoegaze. Melodies are agitated into strange shapes by beats which hum, click and snap at them. Voices murmur through the haze, subtly manipulated into uncanny territories, emotions ebb and swell unexpectedly.’

Aches – Glass Lip is a collection of songs recorded in Bratislava during 2011-12. Released on 12″ and digital download by Exitab, in 2012. Vinyl packaging designed by Kameo with illustrations from Jonathan George Fox.

01 Glass Lip
02 Fine Tongue
03 Trjus Refresh
04 Stop Breathing
05 Talking Refreshment
06 Doesn’t Reply
07 Bullet Sleep
08 Thinker
09 Easy Ghost

Written and produced by Jonathan George Fox.
Cut and mastered at Precise Mastering
Graphic design by Kameo.
Released by Exitab. 2012.

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